The artificially intelligent billion

In September, the Norwegian government launched an investment in research and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital security

The investment must be “at least NOK 1 billion over five years” (2024-28) and have three main tracks:

  • Social consequences
  • Technology development
  • Innovation

The Research Council has had an expert group that has made recommendations for the organization of the AI billion. UiB has been represented by pro-rector Pinar Heggernes. They have described the current situation and expectations for the investment as well as suggested overall measures.

The initiative will have three cross-cutting, overarching themes: trust, responsibility, and creativity. The ambition is that the investment is both long-term, fruitful, ground-breaking, and interdisciplinary.

Follow-up at UiB concerns both research, innovation, and education. UiB will organize a mobilization event when the first calls for proposals open around Easter. The purpose is to identify opportunities for cross-sector and cross-faculty collaboration and lay a good foundation for the application work.

Read more about mobilization at UiB here .

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