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Dear everyone!

It’s again time to find younger, promising candidates for Trond Mohn Starting grants: The Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMS) has announced a new round of TMS Starting grants with a final deadline of 8 March (more info here). Since there is a limit to the number of nominated candidates each department can promote, we ask interested applicants to send an outline of maximum 3 pages describing the candidate, the project, and the research community, and the candidate’s CV (TMS wants a CV of up to three pages that includes the most important and relevant publications).

The internal deadline is February 12. The project outline and CV must be sent to silke.appel@uib.no.

It is worth noting that this scholarship provides an opportunity to bring in external candidates, something both the foundation and the Faculty of Medicine strongly encourage.

And it is still possible to promote individuals for the faculty awards 😊

Proposal for Publication/PhD/Group/Dissemination/Innovation

Suggestions for Education Awards

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Tilskudd til StudentEntreprenørskap (STUD-ENT)

Er dere studenter ved et norsk universitet eller høyskole med en forretningside og har ambisjoner om å starte bedrift? Har dere undersøkt om det finnes et behov eller et marked for idéen? Har dere etablert et team som ønsker å jobbe med dette? Da kan dere søke inntil 1 million kroner i tilskudd til utvikling og kommersialisering av løsningen.

Det er nå åpent for å registrere nye søknader for 2024. Søknadsfrist er 29. februar.

STUD-ENT retter seg mot studenter som skal etablere egen bedrift basert på kunnskap fra studiene. Formålet er å lage en skalerbar og bærekraftig forretningsmodell rundt en forretningsidé, og utvikle nye løsninger som markedet etterspør.


Unfortunately the call text is only in Norwegian

Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Tesfaye Madebo

Hello dear colleagues at K2,

I am Tesfaye Madebo, working as a specialist in pulmonary and internal medicine. I am an attending physician at the Lung Department at SUS and hold a concurrent position as an associate professor at K2 (Vestlandslegen, UIB).
In my clinical practice, I mainly focus on lung cancer (diagnosis and treatment) and various other pulmonary diseases, both in inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as during on-call shifts. We have ongoing collaborative projects with colleagues from UiB in the field of lung cancer (shared decision-making, OL Margrethe), and within the ATLAS4LAR group (Professor Lars Thore), we are conducting clinical studies on lung diseases. As part of the national lung cancer network, we collaborate with other major hospitals in Norway, such as OUS (DART, SOLUCOM, MIMILUC, and LUNGEVAC studies) and St. Olavs Hospital (TRIPLEX and THORA II), mainly in clinical phase II and III drug trials. Despite impressive results in recent years with new treatment modalities like immunotherapy and biological treatment for lung cancer, many patients still experience progression or relapse. It is crucial to increase our understanding of the underlying biology influencing responses and resistance. Numerous exciting studies are underway in Norway, with SUS actively participating, aiming to identify predictive and prognostic markers for the development of better treatment options over time.

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In addition to my clinical work and research, I am actively involved in teaching students in pulmonary medicine, including medical students, junior doctors, and oncology nurses. I also serve as a co-supervisor for a Ph.D. student. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the development of the medical program at SUS as part of Vestlandslegen/UiB. It not only provides an exciting experience but also makes a significant contribution to the local SUS environment. It is a great privilege for me to integrate clinical practice, research, and teaching in my profession (now under UiB).

What do i enjoy working on at K2?
I officially start working with medical students from May 2023, which is a relatively short time into my position as an associate professor. I enjoy working at Vestlandslegen/K2 because, through clinical work, research, and teaching as part of a large environment, I have significant opportunities for professional development. I continuously gain new insights through collaboration with colleagues, research partners across specialties, and engaged students. This dynamic interaction not only energizes me but also provides goals to strive for. Collaborating across disciplines is particularly enriching, offering me the opportunity to explore different perspectives.
Additionally, the work gives me a chance to meet colleagues at various stages of their careers, both across disciplines and institutions. This diverse interaction contributes to a broader understanding of my field. Working at Vestlandslegen/K2 also provides access to courses in pedagogy and mentoring, enriching not only my professional competence but also positively impacting my personal development. Through teaching, I encounter skilled and curious students, and it is a pleasure to contribute to their knowledge in the field of pulmonary and internal medicine. Guiding and teaching medical students and junior doctors brings me great satisfaction. It is inspiring to observe the growth and development of my colleagues’ professional and clinical competence. The working environment is pleasant, and my colleagues, both in scientific and administrative positions, are competent, helpful, and engaged. This creates a positive expectation and enthusiasm for each working day.

Tesfaye Madebo
Attending Physician at SUS
Associate Professor at UiB


Colleagues at Vestlandslegen – Kjetil Isaksen

Dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

My name is Kjetil Isaksen, and I have recently joined as an associate professor at K2, based at Stavanger University Hospital. I work clinically as an invasive cardiologist and specialize in internal medicine, digestive diseases, and heart conditions.

In my role as a university employee, I am involved in teaching University of Bergen (UiB) students from both the “old curriculum” and the newly initiated cohort associated with Vestlandslegen. My focus is on teaching heart diseases.


It has been particularly exciting to be part of the planning and now the implementation of the teaching for the first students at Vestlandslegen. I am confident that, in collaboration with UiB central, we will create a well-structured program for future doctors here at SUS.

Meeting talented and eager-to-learn students is inspiring, and my goal is to make a small contribution to their professional development and maturation into the role of physicians.

Kjetil Isaksen
Associate Professor
Specialist in Internal Medicine