Help for student literature reviews

Finally, the library’s online course “Student literature reviews in medicine and health sciences” is published on MittUiB. The course is intended for students in medicine and health sciences writing a literature review as their bachelor or master’s thesis. It is open accessible, in Norwegian and English. We have also included a module for advisors. The course was published in September 2023, and is easy to find at the medical library’s webpages about courses and guidance.

The course is divided into modules according the different steps in the work with a literature review: searching, project proposal, documentation, screening, dealing with search results, team work, quality assessment, data extraction and writing. We also present some digital tools as databases, EndNote, and how to use rayyan, which contains an AI-component.

The target groups for this course are mainly bachelor students and master students who write a literature review. However, the course contains practical guides which could be useful for researchers doing a systematic review, and a specific module for advisors.

As advisors, you may have some thoughts about this course? It is newly published, and we are happy to get feedback from you.

Please, have a look, and discuss with your colleagues.

Kind regards from the Medical library
Barbara, Christine, Ida and Regina

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