Daily Archives: Friday November 3rd, 2023


Procedures for sick leave

Today, I have just a short reminder for you. The influenza season is approaching, in addition to the ongoing round of COVID-19. This may lead to absences that require self-reporting and medical certificates. When you have sick leave, please remember the following procedures:

  1. Inform your supervisor.
  2. Report self-reported absences through the self-service portal under “Time” and “Leave requests.”
  3. If you have a medical certificate, whether in paper or digital form:
    • Paper: Submit Part C and Part D filled out and signed to your supervisor. Remember to fill out the self-declaration form. Your unit should then forward the medical certificate to the Service Team for Absences and Parental Leave.
    • Digital: Send it to your employer via Your NAV on the first day of your absence. Apply for sickness benefits when you receive a message from NAV.

Many people forget to notify their immediate supervisor, but it is crucial to remember this!

Have a great weekend!