Daily Archives: Friday November 24th, 2023


Dear everyone!

Time flies, and there are not too many days left until Christmas! In addition to all the exams that are taking place now, it also means that there is not that long left until the deadline of the RCN evaluation. Just a quick reminder that although your research group might not be evaluated separately, K2 will be evaluated in its entirety, so that the web pages of all research groups should be updated. And as I wrote already a few weeks ago, EVERYONE should update their personal pages, and remember to include a photo.

And I would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting nominations for the faculty’s working environment award is December 8. Do you have a colleague who makes an extra effort for the working environment? Not only in terms of HSE, but also well-being, inclusion and the “we” feeling? Don’t hesitate to suggest them for the prize! The form can be found here.

Have a great weekend!