INVITATION: Three CCBIO courses this spring (note registration deadline February 1)

We are happy to be inviting you to three great courses at CCBIO for the spring term! Note the registration deadline February 1.  The courses are primarily intended for PhD candidates and other students and young researchers, but are open to all. We aim for hybrid solutions, where those who want, can join in the auditorium (pandemic permitting), and the rest through online attendance.

Registration: If you are already enrolled at the University of Bergen (UiB), you register through Studentweb. If you are not enrolled at the UiB, but need the ECTS, you register through Søknadsweb, where you simultaneously apply for UiB guest student status (also deadline Feb. 1). If you don’t need the ECTS (credits/studiepoeng) and just want to be updated in the field, the courses have separate registration links for non-ECTS participation.

CCBIO906 Cancer Genomics, February 21-23, 2022

This 3 ECTS course will provide broad understanding of aspects of cancer genome biology and its investigation by next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Methods for analyzing DNA variation and structure and RNA expression patterns will be covered, as well as nuclear and chromatin structure. Also, ethical, legal aspects, and hereditary predisposition will be taught.


  • What kinds of mutations may predispose for, contribute to, or appear during cancer development
  • How these variants can be detected by NGS methods and be analyzed bioinformatically
  • How to employ these methods to stratify patients both diagnostically and therapeutically
  • The different implications of the same aberrations depending on tissue type
  • Ethical and legal regulations regarding genetic analyses of patient samples

If you have any questions, please contact course coordinator Rebecca Nguyen ( or academic responsible Liv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen ( and Erling Høivik (

More info at this website.

CCBIO904 Biomarkers and tumor biology in clinical practice, April 20-22, 2022

CCBIO904 is a 4 ECTS course covering tumor biological aspects important for the understanding of why cancer develops and which mechanisms are important for tumor growth, metastases and morbidity in patients. The course will focus especially on tumor biological changes that may have or already have significance for personalized cancer treatment and clinical trial studies of new diagnostics and treatment.

Get deeper insight into:

  • Tumor biological aspects of cancer.
  • Oncogenes, tumor-suppressor genes, gene re-arrangements, DNA repair, apoptosis and growth factors.
  • Different methods applied for “Gen-mapping”. DNA analysis and sequencing.
  • Principals for cytokine therapy, gene therapy, rational “drug design,” monoclonal antibodies and protein engineering.
  • The interaction between tumor cells and microenvironment.
  • Relevant methods for specimen collection in the clinical setting for use of molecular techniques.

If you have any questions, please contact course coordinator Reidun Kopperud (

or academic responsible Oddbjørn Straume (

More info at this website.

CCBIO908 Scientific Writing and Communication Seminar May 23-24, 2022

This 2 ECTS course is part of the CCBIO/INTPART program, where students’ education and exchange is promoted through collaboration between CCBIO and the Boston based Harvard Medical School and Harvard Kennedy School. Lecturers are Christine Møller, an experienced lecturer in medical and scientific writing with many years of experience as assistant editor of APMIS, Randy Watnick, assistant professor at the Vascular Biology Program, Harvard Medical School, and Media Advisor Marion Solheim who will be adding a lecture on science presentation.


  • How to organize your ideas and improve your manuscript
  • How to use clear writing
  • How to organize your results and message
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to present the problem statement
  • How to write titles and abstracts
  • How to use proper grammar, punctuation and numbers
  • What makes a manuscript memorable
  • Writing a convincing cover letter
  • How to avoid death by PowerPoint

If you have any questions, please contact course coordinators Vandana Ardawatia ( and Harsh Dongre ( or academic responsible Elisabeth Wik (

More info at this website.


Welcome all!


With best regards

Eli Synnøve Vidhammer

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