Daily Archives: Friday January 7th, 2022


Happy New Year!

Christmas and the holiday season is over. I hope most people have had an experience of holiday and the opportunity for reflection, and gathering with those they love. It gives motivation and strength to embark on a new year with new opportunities.

2022 starts with increasing coronary infection wave due to omicron variant. It presents several challenges for our activity, but my impression is that it is going pretty well anyway. We have become accustomed to this situation. Fortunately, we work at an institution that comes out relatively well since most people have permanent jobs and the activity has not stopped with bankruptcy that threatens the way other enterprises experience. The ones I think come out the worst are children, young people and the elderly due to isolation for groups that have a great social need. Let us hope that the vaccination coverage will soon reach a level that reduces the waves of infection and allows normal activity to resume.

With a new year, there are many exciting opportunities. I will remind you of the application deadlines for RCN 2/2 and 9/2. It is difficult, but not impossible, to get funded, and he/she who dares nothing, wins nothing. The feedback is better than before, and it provides a good basis for improving the application for a next round. I will otherwise draw attention to the new programs in Horizon Europe. We should apply for more EU funding!

Enjoy the new year!