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Teaching and teaching prizesy

The annual Teaching Day was successfully conducted on May 19th in collaboration between K2 and K1, with good attendance. I want to thank all of you who contributed to making this into a great day!

Heiko Bratke


The K2 Teaching Prize was awarded to Heiko Bratke at section for pediatrics at Haugesund Hospital. He was awarded the prize for developing a well-structured digital educational content in MittUiB during the pandemic.




Åse Bjorvatn Sævik



PhD-student Åse Bjorvatn Sævik from the Endocrinology group was awarded one of the Faculty’s teaching prizes for developing the podcast “Endopodden” as a teaching tool. This project was also selected for nomination to the UGLE prize.



Monika Kvernenes from Unit for learning also received a teaching prize from the Faculty. Monika has since 2015 worked strategically with the aim of improving teaching skills amongst teachers and lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine. At the Teaching Day, she told us about the need for basic training in teaching and how to document teaching skills end experience, a requirement which is now being reinforced.

The recent UGLE meeting discussed the organization of teaching. Vestlandslegen is being planned and will likely replace MED2015 as a programme encompassing both students who will remain in Bergen throughout their study period as well as students who will have their first 3 years in Bergen followed by 3 years in Stavanger, Haugesund or Førde.The number of students is estimated to surpass 300 over time for years 1-3.

When student numbers increase, we need to be smart. One smart move is to involve student as teachers. K2 recently attracted “corona money” dedicated to positions for students either as teachers at several courses or as “digital assistants” to assist us all in digital teaching activities.

OSCE 6 and 12 are ongoing – a great thank you to all of you (administrative staff as well as teaching staff) who make a huge effort to make this happen! Good luck with the last efforts – end of term and summer vacation are beckoning!

Dissertation: Stein-Erik Hafstad Solvang 16.06.21

Trial lecture June 16th at kl. 9.15

Subject: Oppgitt emne: “Inflammation in normal aging and frailty, what are the mechanisms and clinical implications”




Dissertation June 16th at 11.15

Avhandlingens tittel: “The kynurenine pathway in cognition, dementia, and aging”

  1. opponent:  Professor Sophie Erhardt, Karolinska Institutet, Sverige
  2. opponent: Dr.med. Hege Ihle-Hansen, Oslo Universitetssykehus
  3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis II Rune A. Kroken, Universitetet i Bergen

Disputasen blir ledet av professor Tone Merete Norekvål.

Open for all

Lenke til digital disputas


Hovedveileder: dr.med. Lasse Mælver Giil
Medveiledere: professor emeritus Jan-Erik Nordrehaug og professor emeritus Grethe Tell

Dissertation: Inger Marie Skoie

Foto: Svein Lunde, SUS

Trial lecture:                         Friday June 18th at  09.15

Oppgitt emne:      “Kløe, frustrasjon og håp: Gamle, nye og kommende legemidler mot uttalt atopisk dermatitt og deres virkningsmekanisme”

Dissertation:                                                  Friday June 18th at 11.00

Avhandlingens tittel:               «Fatigue in psoriasis: prevalence and biological mechanisms»

  1. opponent: Professor Petter Gjersvik, Universitetet i Oslo
  2. opponent: Professor Arne Klungland, Universitetet i Oslo
  3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis Heidi Grundt, Universitetet i Bergen

Custos: Professor Hartwig Kørner

Open for all

Lenke til digital disputas


Hovedveileder: professor emeritus Roald Omdal
Medveiledere: dr.med. Thomas Ternowitz, dr.scient. Grete Jonsson, ph.d. Katrine B. Norheim

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) June 17, 2021

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) June 17, 2021! This is an online event in Zoom.

Our keynote speaker Gro Vatne Røsland will give us an overview of microbiota in heath and diseases.  Local junior researchers will present exciting findings using liquid biopsies in metastatic melanoma and organoid models to study COVID-19 infection, advancing cancer research with murine tumor models and mass cytometry, and how to track systemic glioblastoma stem cells.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking! Open for all.

When: Thursday June 17, 2021 at 09:00 – 12:15 (Norwegian time)

Where: Digital event in Zoom (logon details will be sent to registered participants)

Program: can be found here.

Registration: At ccbiojuss.no  (Even if you have registered for CCBIO901 in Studentweb.)

General information: More information about the Junior Scientist Symposia can be found here.

ECTS: Part of CCBIO901, with 3 credits (participation in the program through 2 terms.) All are however welcome for non-ECTS drop-in on each individual symposium. Perhaps you spot an interesting topic? Just remember to register!