Input to the portfolio plan for HEALTH

The Research Council of Norway has now introduced a portfolio management model which means that investments are structured along fewer and more coordinated areas with their own portfolio boards. Each portfolio board has prepared a preliminary portfolio plan which forms the basis for the Research Council’s total investments within its area. These plans were prepared on the basis of existing program plans. These plans will now be revised.

The HEALTH portfolio comprises a wide range of research and innovation projects, from outstanding open research on the international front via applied research to meet societal challenges, to research and innovation for the development of a competitive health industry.

The Faculty of Medicine is invited to provide input to the portfolio plan through two input phases:

Input phase 1 – The knowledge base

In the first input phase, the purpose is to capture trends that are important as a knowledge base for the plan. A dialogue meeting has been held with the Faculty of Medicine. The challenges were:

  1. Which trends in society and research constitute a particularly important knowledge base for the portfolio plan for health?
  2. What are the most important societal challenges the portfolio plan for health must help to meet?
  3. What do questions 1 and 2 entail for prioritizing research topics, subjects and type of research / innovation?

K2 invited the research group leaders some weeks ago to provide input, and we have collected these and forwarded them to the Faculty. The result was that the Faculty out forward the following:

  1. Personalized medicine
  2. Global Health
  3. Research in the primary health care service

Input phase 2 – Draft portfolio plan

The second input phase is an online hearing in December 2021 where the Research Council invites everyone who is interested to provide input to the portfolio plan. After this input phase, the portfolio plan will be presented to the portfolio board and later for approval by the Research Council’s board in June 2022.

For information, there is a preliminary portfolio plan on the Research Council’s website for the portfolio, Porteføljeplan for Helse (

Enjoy the week-end!

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