New round of KG Jebsen centers for medical research

A new round of KG Jebsen Centers for Medical Research( is now being announced.  The foundation says it will create two new centers from 2022.

Together with Helse Bergen, the Faculty of Medicine can submit 4 applications to the foundation with an application deadline of May 6. We must therefore have an internal process with fairly short deadlines to select the 4 initiatives invited to the full application (see below). In cooperation with Renate Grüner (research director at Haukeland), Marit Bakke has created a template that is mandatory in the prequalification round  and an evaluation form to be used by the external committee for the sketches in the prequalification round (LINK). The application template and evaluation form are based on what is used by the foundation, but it is still encouraged to read the application form/evaluation criteria to be used for the applications in the second round also now in the first place so that you know what the foundation emphasizes. An application to KGJ must be more focused than an SFF, and the translational aspect must be clear.  Prequalification applications that do not use the specified template or that are missing attachments, or that come in after the deadline will not be considered.

Here’s the plan for this year’s announcement:

  1. January 2021: Announcement published
  2. March 1, 2021 (12:00): Deadline for prequalification application
  3. March 1, 2021: Prequalification applications are submitted to external committee (3 international evaluators)
  4. March 23: Feedback from the committee
  5. No later than March 26: Invitation to 4 academic environment for full application
  6. May 6: Final application deadline for full application
  7. You will find the KGJ Foundation’s further schedule in the announcement text.


  1. KGJ-MED_to-be-announced-3

2. Evaluation criteria and template for the prequalification round at The faculty of Medicine

3. Final template for prequalification

4. SKGJ_Research_plan_template_v0-1-2


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