Daily Archives: Friday January 8th, 2021

Happy New Year!

Christmas and the holiday season at the end of the year are over. It has been a busy time – everything must be fixed and arranged for a few, intense days. However, for most people it has been a precious holiday with time together with the ones we love, as well as an opportunity for contemplation and reflection. It provides motivation and strength to embark on a new year with new opportunities.

We entered the new year with dramatic events. The landslide accident in Gjerdrum was a terrible event, and our thoughts go to relatives, friends and acquaintances of those who lost their lives or were affected in some other way. There are probably many of us who could not believe what we saw on TV on Wednesday where the riots in Washington DC were a failed attempt at a coup in a country that has been a guardian of democracy and a champion of individual freedom. And unfortunately, the coronavirus infection rates have increased significantly, which has necessitated more and stricter restrictions.

There is still reason to look at the new year with optimism! We have learned a lot of new things in the past year in terms of infection prevention and alternative forms of learning, so we are well on our way. A lot of activity will therefore be able to continue as it did in the autumn of 2020 when it comes to research and teaching.

Vaccination is now underway and hopefully the infection situation will be under control sometime this year. We have therefore decided that K2 Retreat, which we had planned for the spring of 2021, will be moved to the autumn while the teaching day (together with K1) will be in the spring, even though it may be digital.

We received good results on applications last year (EU, Helse Vest, Hjertefondet, Kreftforeningen, NFR, Novo Nordisk Fonden). There are a number of application deadlines already now in January and February, among others Novo Nordisk Fonden and NFR so it’s just a matter of getting around. Contact Amra for help and advice. There is the possibility of financial support for applications, especially for those who want to try their hand at ERC. The latter should be considered by more people, the one who dares nothing, nothing wins!

All the best for the new year!

HSE corner – Workplaces with risk of oxygen depletion or increased levels of carbon dioxide

New instructions have been made to ensure safety in laboratories with CO2 and liquid nitrogen. They should function as a guideline in the compilation of procedures for each research group.

Two handheld O2 monitors are available in the reception or at the 5. Floor. See the instruction for more information.

Link to the instructions: https://hmsk2.w.uib.no/en/safety/7-working-with-gas/workplaces-with-risk-of-oxygen-depletion-or-increased-levels-of-carbon-dioxide/

Regards, Siv Lise


BT is voting “Talents for the future”

In 2005 and 2013, Bergens Tidende named a number of young people in our area who were predicted to make their mark in the years ahead. We now tell how it went with them from 2013:


Now we will repeat the exercise. We want to find out who can be tomorrow’s business leaders, artists, politicians, tech founders, researchers and so on. In short: The talents you think will make a difference. We are now asking for help. Regular readers can nominate, in addition we hope that institutions, organizations, companies and other environments will help. Feel free to talk to colleagues, nieces, nephews and people who may have good input. Based on the candidates we receive, a jury will be responsible for the actual selection of 30 people under 30 years of age.

You can register candidates here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecgqGCXC4_aYgzXJ4efwjLSTfx4aqAXzuhoxaQ3ebQZa-GOQ/viewform?gxids=7628

Deadline: January 15th