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This weeks editorial

Hi everybody!

It is time for the allocation of small research funds (SMÅFORSK). The funds are a joint effort between NFR and UiB. The intention is that the funds should be given to research groups that have not received large grants so that they can start new projects. It can be applied to cover expenses for travel, seminars, courses, materials, technical-administrative assistance and other operating costs.

Requirements for application and criteria for allocation:

– The funds go to researchers who do not have large operating assets already.

– The size of the individual grants is between 15 000-150 000 NOK.

– The funds must be used by 2021  and cannot be transferred.

– Recipients must be active researchers in a permanent scientific position, Prof. II or 1.am. II.

– Recipients must have applied for external funds in recent years.

Since we have experienced that is does not work optimally to limit the application to research group leaders, as last year all permanent scientific employees (including scientific employees in 10-50% position) can apply. It is done via this link (https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=9742569). Deadline is 14.2.2021

Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMS) has announced a new round of recruitment grants with a final deadline of March 8 2021. Since there is a limit to the number of nominated candidates each department can promote, we ask interested applicants to submit a 1-2 page sketch describing the candidate, project, research community and candidate’s CV (TMS wants a CV of up to three pages that includes the most important and relevant publications).

The internal deadline is February 1 2021. The sketch and CV can be sent to amra.grudic@uib.no and silke.appel@uib.no.

It is worth noting that this scholarship provides an opportunity to bring in external candidates, something both the Foundation and the Faculty of Medicine strongly encourage.

In addition, I want to inform you of the PhD and postdoc positions from the medical faculty for spring 2021. There will be 9 PhD positions (2 of those MNT positions, i.e. reserved for mathematics, natural sciences and technology, and 1 within odontology) and 2 postdoc positions. The ads will be available online and in BT today with an application deadline 14.2.2021.

Have a nice week-end!

Supervisors for main assignments: Think about publishing!

Medical students can write the master’s thesis as an article manuscript, if they and the supervisor so wish. It can be difficult to get the theses up to a level for international publication, so there is no requirement that the manuscript be accepted in the journal for the thesis to be approved. However, the manuscript is required to be submitted for publication.

It is also possible to invest in publication in Norwegian journals. Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association is an opportunity that is highly relevant. In addition, the journal “Kirurgen” has informed us that they are very interested in publishing articles from students. So all supervisors in surgery: also think about the possibility of trying to publish main theses in “Kirurgen”! See «kirurgen.no».
Best regards
Arne Tjølsen

CCBIO Research School courses

We are happy to announce the following 3 CCBIO Research School courses for the spring term, and note that if you will join and need the ECTS, registration deadline is February 1st. Registration for ECTS participation is the same for all 3 courses:

  • If you are already enrolled at the University of Bergen (UiB), you apply/register through Studentweb.
  • If you are not enrolled at the UiB but want the ECTS, you apply/register through Søknadsweb, where you simultaneously apply for UiB guest student status.

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Parking space by Armauer Hansen’s house

We keep register parked cars at K2s parking spaces that has not been give permissions.

Remember the guidelines:

Following the closure of Haukelandsbakken, K2 has been allocated 7 parking spaces at Armauer Hansen’s house. These places can be distributed to employees at K2 according to registered needs. You can be allocated a place for one week at a time. Initially, we allocate places for the month of January. Use the attached link to register your needs. In addition to these seats, we will have a guest seat. If you need this, send an email to rose.wiik@uib.no

If you want parking at AHH further, you must apply for parking every week by Thursday at 16.00. You will receive an answer by every Friday at 16.00 if you are allocated a place or not from me.

It is important that I get a message back if you do not use the parking space you are given!!

Regards, Rose!