Main deadline at Research Council of Norway 2021

Research Council of Norway has decided that next years’ main deadline, that many of you know as FRIPRO, will be 10 February. Below you will find information about the different calls. In addition, Collaborative and Knowledge-building calls, which include health calls, will have deadline 17 February. I will present these when further call details about the thematic priorities are published.

The early deadline presents with several challenges. An obvious one is the need to plan the next proposal before getting results from this years’ round. Rumors say the results will be published 18 December. In addition, the budgeting system will change in Norwegian universities as of January 2021 so we hope you can start the budgeting process as early as possible. We will come back to you on this.

I encourage you to reserve 10 November at 14.00-15.00 for a webinar presenting the different application types, the criteria and the evaluation process. I have linked the English web pages below. At the moment these are incomplete, and you will find more information on the Norwegian pages.

Large-scale Interdisciplinary Researcher Project – the announcement is open to all disciplines and scientific areas. Researchers in the project must represent two or more disciplines as these are defined on level 2 in “Norsk inndeling I vitenskapsdiscipliner”, prepared by Norwegian Council for Higher Education (UHR). This project type is equivalent to “Fellesløftet IV”.

Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal – this call targets researchers who have shown the ability to perform research of high international quality. Relevant research projects show the potential to move the international research front.

Researcher Project for Young Research Talents – the announcement targets researchers at early stages in their career, 2-7 years after defense, who show potential to perform research of high scientific quality. Young talents below the age of 40 are given the opportunity to pursue their own research ideas and lead a research project.

Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility – the intention behind this program is to encourage international mobility and career development of early stage researchers. The announcement targets researchers at postdoctoral level who will spend two years at an international research institution and the third year at a Norwegian research institution.

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