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The possibility for public attendence at the dissertations has been warranted as this is the day the candidates can show what they have been working on for so long. The Faculty has therefore developed a scheme that can hopefully address both the technical challenges of digital implementation of disputation and infection control considerations.

A solution is now in place where up to 20 people can be present in a suitable UiB room during a trial lecture and dissertation. This can only take place by agreement with the Department and provided that infection control rules are complied with. Candidates who want such a solution must contact Irene Hjelmaas (Irene.Hjelmaas@uib.no) as soon as possible. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit lists of participants with a telephone number to the Department no later than 2 days before the public defense. If lists of participants are not registered, the public can not be allowed into the room.

By agreement on a physical dissertation, there must be an infection control guard present in the room during the entire event. This is responsible for access control up to the list of participants, disinfection of contact surfaces before and after use, and that everyone present follows the rules of keeping their distance before, during and after the public defense. The infection control guard can, for example, be one from the candidate’s research group.

During the doctoral exam, our PhD contact (organized by Irene Hjelmaas) will prioritize the digital event as this forms the basis for the assessment. PhD contact will therefore not be physically present, but will be available digitally and facilitate testing and implementation.

The following also applies:
– Full digital dissertations are still recommended. By fully digital is meant a solution where everyone involved, including the candidate, is disputing from their own home or office (with private or UiB equipment).
– Everyone who has an active role in the dissertation must participate in testing well in advance, with the equipment and in the room they will be staying at the disseration itself. Everyone who has an active role during the dissertation must become well acquainted with the equipment through testing.
– IT assistant will be physically present (as long as they do not have to be quarantined or similar). This is ordered via UiB Help.
– Zoom webinar is the recommended solution from UiB central.
– Unfortunately, it will not be possible to invite more than 20 people in total into the dissertation room, even if the size of the room should indicate that it is possible.

Note that when it comes to public access, there may be changes at short notice if the infection situation worsens.

Good luck!

Norwegian: Verneombud 2021–2022

Brenner du for et godt arbeidsmiljø?
Verneombudet er viktig for arbeidsplassen, kollegaer og arbeidsgiver.

• skal ivareta arbeidstakernes interesser i saker som
angår arbeidsmiljøet
• er involvert i UiB sitt helse-, miljø- og sikkerhetsarbeid
• er med der det skjer
• blir kjent med nye kollegaer og bygger nettverk
• får ny kunnskap og opplæring
• samarbeider med medarbeidere, tillitsvalgte og ledere
Lyst til å bli verneombud?

Se Flyer_verneombud 2020_ eller les mer om valg av verneombud her.

Har du spørsmål om det å være verneombud kan du ta kontakt med ditt
lokale verneombud eller hovedverneombud.

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium September 17, in Zoom

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) September 17, 2020! This is an online event in Zoom.

In the keynote lecture, Christine Stansberg (ELEXIR) and Kari Ersland (Digitalt Liv Norge) will talk about how to implement digital tools in your research and inform you how to get help analyzing your biological data. In addition, local junior researchers will present their work on cancer therapy resistance, obesity and cancer, salt-sensitive hypertension, and metabolomic signatures predicting heart failure.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking!

Open for all – register at ccbiojuss.no for Zoom-link!

When: Thursday September 17, 2020 at 09:00 – 12:10 (Norwegian time)

Where: Digital event in Zoom (logon details will be sent to registered participants)

Program: can be found here.

Registration: At ccbiojuss.no.

General information: More information about the Junior Scientist Symposia can be found here.

Any questions can be addressed to Cornelia, Maria or Kenneth.

Save the date: K2 Junior annual retreat

This year’s K2 Junior Retreat will be held on Monday – Tuesday November 16-17 at Solstrand. You will receive an invitation to register and more information about the program in the coming weeks – for now, hold the dates! Please note that we have a limit of 30 participants, so be ready to register soon.

Best wishes,

The K2 JR Organizing Committee

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 6 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Oda Barth Vedøy.

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