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The research groups at the Department of Clinical Science

In 2013, a new organizational structure was introduced at K2. The most important elements are that

  • all scientific staff at the department must belong to a research group
  • Head of Department appoints and terminates research groups and approves their leaders
  • the research group leader must report directly to the Head of Department
  • the research groups will as a rule consist of a minimum of six persons and will be headed by faculty personnel (at least 50% position)
  • the groups should have published at least five articles annually over the last three years

The purpose of the research groups is to conduct research according to the regulations, ethical guidelines, and the Environment, Health, and Security (EHS) requirements that apply at UiB.

The tasks are among others to

  • stimulate good research and optimal publishing and dissemination practices
  • coordinate funding of the research group’s activity
  • contribute to building up the institute’s infrastructure and expertise
  • make sure that any UiB technician associated with the research group is used optimally
  • ensure that annual appraisals with technical and temporary staff take place
  • make sure that the research group’s publications are registered according to UiB’s requirements
  • be responsible for the members of the research group contributing in the department’s teaching tasks and research training
  • distributing assets to those who have generated the funds
  • participate in the extended management group after appointment from the Head of Department

It is now six years since this structure was introduced. After site visits during spring 2018, it became clear that adjustments are necessary due to natural retirement and changes in activity for some of the groups. We have therefore initiated a process to chane the composition of some of the research groups. Permanent scientific staff for relevant groups will be called. Key questions for discussions will be

  • Are the size of the group according to the intention?
  • Are the composition of the scientific staff appropriate?
  • Are there tasks the group wants to take on which can be suited for a platform service at K2
  • Are there educational challenges that can be improved by a change?
  • Are there other groups that are appropriate for potential merging?

After a discussion with the relevant groups, some new groups will be formed and leaders appointed. Feel free to contact me by mail regarding input in this process.

Happy Hilydays!

Public PhD defense – Agnethe Lund

Agnethe Lund will defend his PhD thesis on Thursday 13th June 2019

Trial lecture: Thursday 13th June 2019 at 10.15.
Topic: “Intrauterine fetal death in pregestational diabetes mellitus – incidence and etiology?”
Place: Auditorium, KK, Jonas Lies vei 92

Public defense: Thursday 13th June at 12.15
Title of dissertation: “Maternal diabetes mellitus and fetal venous liver flow —a longitudinal study”
Place:  Auditorium, KK, Jonas Lies vei 92

1st opponent: Professor Emeritus Gerard Visser, University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2nd opponent: Ph.d. Ane Moe Holme, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo
3rd member of the comittee: Associate Professor Eirik Søfteland, Universitetet i Bergen

The defense will be led by Professor Nils-Halvdan Morken

Public PhD defense – Audun Osland Vik-Mo

Audun Osland Vik-Mo will defend her PhD thesis on Friday 14th June 2019

Trial lecture: Friday 14th June 2019 at 09.15.
Topic: “Etiological and neuropathological basis/causes of NPS in Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia with Lewy bodies”
Place: Aulaen psyk. helsevern, Stavanger Universitetssykehus,Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8

Public defense: Friday 14th June 2019 at 11.00.
Title of dissertation: “Neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia: long-term course and neuropathology”
Place:Aulaen psyk. helsevern, Stavanger Universitetssykehus,Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsens gate 8

1st opponent: Professor Gill Livingston, University College London
2nd opponent: Ph.d. Karin Persson, Norwegian National Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health, Oslo
3rd medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis Bjarte Stubhaug, Universitetet i Bergen

The defense will be led by Dennis Nilsen.

Public PhD defense – Brita Skodvin

Brita Skodvin will defend her PhD thesis on Friday 14th June 2019

Trial lecture: Friday 14th June 2019 at 09.15.
Topic: “Antimicrobial stewardship – rationale, current challenges and prospects for the future”.
Place: Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28

Public defense: Friday 14th June 2019 at 11.15.
Title of dissertation: “Addressing the threat of AMR in Norway: optimizing antibiotic prescribing and microbiology testing in hospitals”
Place: Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28

1st opponent: Ph.d. Jeroen Schouten, Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands
2nd opponent: Professor Jan Frich, Universitetet i Oslo
3rd member of the comittee: Forsker Marianne Øksnes, Universitetet i Bergen

The defense will be led by Professor Elling Ulvestad.

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 32 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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