Daily Archives: Friday February 22nd, 2019

K2 2023

The Solstrand seminar will focus on developing our new strategy plan. Therefore, I want everyone to start thinking about the strategy already now (see current strategy). How will the biomedical ecosystem look like in 2023 and what will K2’s position be? To conduct research in the international front and at the same time offer state-of-the art top notch teaching, we must both have a vision and a mission. To inspire and boost your imagination I include an overview of how Harvard Medical School thinks about strategy.

To concretise how to achieve our goals, I include some thoughts:

– Should we seek to introduce a scheme of unpaid clinical instructors to improve patient-near teaching, and thereby release more time for research?

– Should our recruitment policy focus more on excellence in fewer areas, and to a greater extent cover the teaching needs with university lecturers?

– How can we cooperate even closer with the hospitals so that we are better equipped to compete for research grants nationally and internationally?

– How can we organize our time so that we have more time for creative work and have to spend less time on administration?

There is obviously much more to discuss. Therefore input to the strategy plan is welcomed already now (post@k2.uib.no). See you at Solstrand.

Eystein Husebye
Acting head of department