BOA and the institute economy

K2, as we know the department, is entirely dependent on BOA (contribution and commission financed activity). In 2018, the Faculty achieved a new record of NOK 291 million in BOA, where K2 contributed with NOK 112 million.

The BOA activity is calculated based on spent funds, not granted funds. In other words, one must use the funds before they are included in the BOA activity. Overhead from positions and acquisitions and RBO (result-based redistribution) constitutes the largest post in the BOA accounts. RBO comes partly from external projects, partly as a result of graduated PhD and publication points.

BOA, grant and commission funded activity; GB, basic grant; OH, overhead; RBO, result-based redistribution.

Of the 105 million added by BOA, NOK 19 million goes to UiB centrally, NOK 11 million to the faculty and NOK 75 million to the departments. One NOK in BOA generated 0.25 NOK extra on K2’s budget; this amounted to almost 29 million in 2018. Converted into positions the 29 million equals 29 full professors or 145 professors in part time positions.

Of the external projects, EU grants are by far the most valuable projects for K2 since each NOK from EU generates another NOK. In comparison, each NOK from the research council of Norway generates extra 0.10 NOK.

What are the implications for K2? First and foremost, we must continue and apply for external funding. Secondly, that we must increase our portfolio of EU. To inspire you, the faculty has just adopted new incentives in the form of extra scholarships and postdoctoral positions for groups that receive larger grants. I hope this can help encourage high application activity the coming year.

Good luck!

Eystein Husebye
Acting head of department

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