Who deserves K2’s teaching award?

Our institute recognizes the importance of good teaching to the extent that we have a REALLY BIG PRIZE to be awarded to the person/educational environment that has distinguished itself during the previous year(s). This may be related to clinical or para-clinical teaching, within any of the areas for which K2 is responsible. It can be directly student-related or more organizational; to create a new study program,

Who do you know who have contributed to extraordinary good teaching, or more organizationally; initiated and implemented innovative teaching programs?
Please send me a mail to promote your candidate (including a brief explanation of why). The department management will then select the best candidate to receive this year’s prize which will be awarded on:

Mark the date! If it isn’t you being awarded the teaching award, you will at least have the opportunity to learn more about:

-OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam): we have conducted a pilot exam for the 12th semester, how was this evaluated? How to implement full 12th semester OSCE June 6th? (Mark the date here too! We need examiners)

-Merit schemes for excellent teachers; how can K2 implement this?

-TBL (team-based learning): we want to demonstrate a TBL session where we use Socrative and at the same time learn about MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

-FREM (Faculty’s Resource group for Examination procedures in Medicine)

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