The spring’s most beautiful adventure

I wish all K2 employees a somewhat late, but very heartfelt happy and fruitful new year. I assume most of you are already well into the working routines after the holidays.

28-29 March, K2 arranges for the first time, an institute excursion for the whole institute at Solstrand Hotel & Bad. The idea is to gather as many as possible of the department’s employees to discuss research and strategy. The first day will be devoted to short “speed dates” where each research group is given the opportunity to tell the other about their research and what they are good at.

K2’s strategy over the next few years will also be an important topic and as we need to chisel out the way forward. Other key words from the program are profiling, communication and teaching.

In addition, we hope the outing also will be a very social event. It certainly is a great opportunity to become better acquainted with colleagues you do not meet on a daily basis. Therefore, we hope that many of our colleagues in Stavanger, Haugesund and Førde will be able to participate.

A link to registration will be sent out shortly, but mark your calender today. I hope as many as possible can prioritize to come to Solstrand.

With best regards

Eystein Husebye
Acting head of institute

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