Thank you so much!

21057060_1438821782879252_2076556124_oAbout two years ago, I was employed as an apprantice here at Department of Clinical Science. I was welcomed with open arms by all employees and I remember thinking ”I don’t know anything about medicine, how is this going to end?”

The reception has been my second home and it’s hard to move on from something that I have become so tied to. I hope everyone is pleased with the work I’ve done here, and I know that I’m pleased with my stay here. I don’t think there is any better colleagues then all of you.

As an employee, I really enjoyed myself, looking forward to work in the morning, and I will always find my way back here. I might disappear as an employee, but I will never forget this place and the people with it.

Two years have passed and I’m now finished as an apprentice. I will now continue my jurney and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone here at K2. All of you are phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who helped me when I stormed into the Office/laboratoy and asked question after question. You’ve all been a huge help and I would never have passed my exam without you.

It’s with a heavy heart that I leave this place, but you will receive a new apprentice in the reception.

Thank you so very much. I’m forever grateful!

-Ingvild Lekven Jonsvoll

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