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We need more contributions to teaching

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasDear all K2s,

Welcome to a new semester as teachers and facilitators / contributors to all the teaching we perform at UoB and K2.

Medicine 2015 (“New Study Plan in Medicine”) is rolled out, and this autumn the old “propedeutics term” is completely reorganized. There has been an increase in research in research / journal writing, and we need urgently more fresh effort to participate. That is why all fellow students have received an email from me to request for contributions to this course now. But we also need contributions from other disciplines, so I have asked for information about each individual’s background. We will probably come back with requests for other teaching later.

Teaching is one of the main areas of responsibility for the university, and all fellows are also supposed to develop teaching skills (dissemination) during their PhD course. We therefore hope that both fellows and supervisors see the importance of contributions into teaching, also for those who have a scholarship outside of UoB.

I have received MANY positive answers. Thank you very much to those of you who show interest in contributing, and to those who have not yet answered, I hope to receive a feedback.

Wish you all a good teaching autumn!


HSE corner: Stop in the ventilation system

Dear all,

The hospital is performing maintenance on the ventilation system, hence the ventilation will be turned off at 17:00 on Thursday 24 August, in both the A-block (north) and B-block of the Laboratory Building. The work is expected to be completed at 20:00.

Any laboratory work dependent on ventilation cannot be performed during this period.

Questions can be directed to engineer Diana Espelid at HUS.

Best regards Julie

Offline at the Laboratory Building 27 August

Helse Vest IKT plans to change two switches in the Laboratory Building on Sunday 27 August from 3 p.m. and until at latest 2 a.m. the following night. Those affected are the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the Laboratory Building.

There will be slightly different time from room to room when PCs and equipment will be offline during this period, but there will be up to several hours of downtime for some of the rooms. If some PCs need online almost the entire period, IKT can look for solutions for this. They want a prompt feedback if the actual time period is not appropriate for everyone.

Operating message will be announced immediately after the time has been confirmed.

Questions can be addressed to technician Asle Haugland Bøyum at Helse Vest IKT.

Information about workplace during the Cycling World Championships

The Faculty of Medicine informs about the following to all employees regarding the workplace during the Cycling World Championships in Bergen 16–24 September:

All employees have as usual attendance at their normal workplace during this period. If some employees need shorter working days because of children who have to be brought to school / kindergarten, they must be taken by each individual’s flex-time period, and you may deviate from internal core time as needed and in agreement with the manager.

Home office is not an option, although UiB on its website indicates that “UiB will be able to allow employees to work from home during the cycling world championships”, and that “this can be agreed with leader”.

Our work tasks are performed as normal at the workplace at UiB.

Too many employees will not be able to get to the workplace by car as roads are closed or with reduced accessibility. Nevertheless, it should be possible for everyone to meet at the workplace using other means of travel. You may expect a longer travel time than normal. We encourage all employees to calculate good time on the road to work and get into a modified travel routine.

In agreement with the department / unit, it is of course possible to take holiday, and you may also agree on overtime withdrawals during this period.

Per Bakke                                                      Ørjan Hauge

– Dean –                                                        – Assistant Faculty Director –

Goods receipt in the Laboratory Building

Hospital Operations (Hospitaldrift) Transport will use the ramps and locks in the goods receipt in the Laboratory Building in large parts of 4, 5 and 6 September. They are going to move 45 ultra-freezers from the Laboratory Building to Marie Joys Hus.

The assignment is carried out in the period at. 09:00–15:00.

We will encourage our users to avoid ordering large deliveries on pallets with delivery these days.

Contact person at HD Transport for this assignment is Erik Bauge (77133 / 913 95 660).

Goods deliveries during the Cycling World Championships

The Cycling World Championships in Bergen is approaching, and when this event takes place (16–24 September), the city center will be closed to through-traffic by car.

During this periode, it will be difficult or impossible for UiB’s suppliers to deliver goods to large parts of the business. The Office for Purchasing at UiB therefore requests that you check the stock of goods needed during the Cycling World Championships, and, if necessary, order goods that can be delivered before the event starts.

Helse Vest research funding 2018

The deadline for Helse Vest research funding is 15 September, and new for this year is that it is no longer possible to apply for short term funding to complete the doctoral project.

On this page (under headline “Application categories and guidelines”), you can find guidelines for all the application categories. Please note that the postdoctoral period can be extended from 2.5 years until 3 years if you include a research stay abroad.

The applications are evaluated for scientific quality and the project’s benefit to patients and impact on patient care. These two criteria are equal. You can read more about the evaluation criteria here.

On this page, you can find more information, among other a link to the application form and a template for the project description.

We would be happy to assist you in the application process, so come by our office in 8th floor in the Laboratory building, or send an email to Itana Sloper-Krivopapic and Amra Grudic-Feta.

Itana and Amra

K2 Junior Annual Retreat

Beginning this year, K2 wishes to gather our junior researchers (PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows) at a two-day event once a year, with an academic and social program. The event is called «K2 Junior Annual Retreat». The event’s purpose is to have a common arena for exchanges of competency across the research groups, provide new opportunities for sharing experiences, and foster feelings of togetherness at our institute. The event is covered by K2, including accommodation and meals from lunch-to-lunch.


Regards Simon N. Dankel
– Chairman of the Organization Committee –

Unit for Learning at the Faculty | Seminars and workshops in the autumn 2017

The Unit for Learning (UFL) at the faculty offers a series of courses and seminars this autumn.

The program is available here.

The semester starts with two exciting mini-seminars with guests from Canada, i.e., the University of Calgary and McGill University. Canada is a pioneer in medicine education and research in medical education. This is a great opportunity to get to know what they are doing and to bring inspiration and ideas to our own education.

Throughout the autumn there will be workshops on topics such as multi-choice assignments and student activist education. These are aimed at all teachers at the faculty. Sign up by clicking the links on the event page. (There are limited seats!)

The Unit for Learning has over time been working on developing a university education program aimed at employees in less than 50 per cent positions. This is an employee group that has few other competence enhancement offerings in education. We aim to offer this for the first time during the spring 2018 as a course that gives five credit points. A similar offer will also be set up for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows.

The Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research

During the next three years, The Kavli Trust Programme on Health Research will allocate around NOK 75 million to research projects in Norway, Sweden, Finland or the UK addressing selected knowledge holes in mental health in children and adolescents.

More information about the announcement and application process for 2017 can be found here.

You may also receive further information about this and future announcements via a newsletter.

Application for project funds from Extrastiftelsen / Save the Children

logoSave the Children is a member of the Extrastiftelsen, which announces project funding each year. In autumn 2017, Save the Children invites research and professional communities, organizations and other relevant partners to apply for funding for new health projects through them. (Research projects have first deadline 1 June 2018.)

Initially, you are invited to send a sketch of 1–2 pages, which briefly describes the project idea and objectives. The project sketch should be sent by e-mail to Stina Eiet Hamberg at Save the Children. Questions can be addressed to the same e-mail address or by phone (995 50 054).

Deadline for application: 20 August 2017.

Read more about guidelines for applying for funding for health projects here.

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis

k2nytt_uke-33_anne-kristin-stavrumIs anyone interested in buying a license for the data analysis software Ingenuity Pathways Analysis?, asks postdoctor Anne-Kristin Stavrum on behalf of her group, and writes on:

At the beginning of July, we received some funding (Smådriftsmidler) from the institute, and we would like to spend this money on a license for the data analysis software Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). A brief description of the program is given below.

The funds we received from the institute do not cover the full amount of the license, so we have to add a little by ourselves. There are different types of licenses. The most relevant are licenses for one user or five users. Since a license for five users is only “a bit” more expensive than a single-user license, we would like to know if someone else at the institute might be interested in sharing the costs for a five-users-license.

Exact price per license will depend on any additional packages that can be purchased, and any offer we may receive from Qiagen. The price will probably amount to NOK 13–15,000 per license, after deducting the amount we were awarded from the institute. The license will be valid for one year.

Interested parties may contact Anne-Kristin Stavrum at the latest on Thursday 24 August.

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Workshop on applications for research and development projects

The Regional Research Fund Vestlandet and the Research Council of Norway arrange a workshop for you working with an idea or application for a research and development project. The intention with the workshop is to provide the participants with skills to develop a research project and write a good application. The participants are expected to work with their own ideas and projects.

Time: 6 September at 10–15.
Venue: Statens hus, meeting room 11th floor, Kaigaten 9, Bergen.

Deadline for registration: 1 September.
Registration form.

The workshop is free of charge, but accepts a limited number of participants.