Daily Archives: Friday August 11th, 2017

Think it, want it, do it

Ultrafiolett EysteinMany of us witnessed how Karsten Warholm became world champion and won 400 meters hurdle in London on Wednesday. An amazing achievement that shows how a talent can, with systematic work, set the highest goals and reach them

Let this be an inspiration for us at K2. UiB, like Ulsteinvik, is not the metropolis for science and sport, but we can still deliever achievements in the top international level in research, teaching and dissemination. Although Warholm’s success is first and foremost his own profit, it is also the result of good helpers and an organized environment. Therefore, it is important that the university, the faculty and the department all make it possible for talent to develop and showcase. K2 will work for everyone at the department to be among the best in their area, and the new head of department will be central to this work.

When the application deadline for the position as Head of Department expired on August 4th, 4 highly qualified individuals had applied. Now the committee will look forward to finding the best suitable applicant, whom we hope to get to work on September 1st. Until then I will lead the Department.

With the hope of a productive autumn


Acting head of department