Writing course for PhD students

PhD students are invited to participate in a writing course. It is possible to participate for either 3 (workshop and course 1) or 5 days (all three training events). Those who participate for 5 days and submit the requested preparations can apply to get 1 ECTS. The price is NOK 6 000 for 3 days and NOK 10 000 for 5 days. The training events are for a maximum of 12 participants; the first 12 to register participate. If somebody cancels, the next on the list will be offered a place. The course will be held in either English or Norwegian depending on the participants.

Time: 11 – 15 September.
Place: Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, Kalfarveien 31 (room will be announced later).

Deadline: Friday 25 August.

Preparations: see this, this and this file.

For more information or questions, see the files or contact the course leader Kari Skinningsrud directly.


Workshop (1 day): Critical reading

Discussion of the papers you bring will raise awareness about quality indicators, and prepare you for the writing courses. We read to ¢misunderstand¢; an unusual approach to reading papers, with great learning potential.

Writing Course 1 (2 days): Effective development and writing of scientific manuscripts

You will learn about how to increase the impact of publications by clarifying knowledge gaps and formulating effective purpose statements; to write concisely by using an outline format; to develop a storyline, and how to tackle main challenges within the standard (IMRaD/IRDaM) article sections. You will also learn to work more efficiently by developing content in a gradual stepwise manner, and by having a strategy for how to work with co-authors.

Writing Course 2 (2 days): Manuscript writing – from good to excellent

You will learn about characteristics of good writing, use of discourse features to link information and create flow and coherence; how to avoid monotony; to write and structure discussion sections more in depth than in Course 1; to improve titles, and how to communicate with editors.

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