What can Bergen learn from Canadian medical education?

The Unit for Learning invites all teachers at the Faculty of Medicine to the lecture “Control, Creativity and Scholarship – What Can Bergen Learn From the Success of Canadian Medical Education?“

In the lecture, Professor J. Donald Boudreau, Head of the Center for Medical Education at McGill University, and Professor Edvin Schei at IGS will reflect on differences and similarities between the Norwegian and Canadian medicine education, and what Bergen can learn from Canada. McGill has one of the world’s most prestigious medical education, and Canada is a world leader in research and professional development in medical education. In this lecture, as a teacher, you can learn more about what is the recipe for this success.

Time: 4 September 2017, at. 08:30–10:00.
Location: Seminar room D302, Central block, HUS.

Information and registration.

All educators who have the opportunity, are encouraged to sign up!

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