The technicians at K2

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29The technicians at K2, and the skills and knowledge they represent, are a great resource for the department. In total, there are 46 technicians employed on basic funding at K2. In addition, there all the technicians who are externally salaried at the department. Technicians employed on basic funding are allocated across the research groups after a certain formula based on group size, research production and citation index. The research group leader is responsible for the disposition of the technicians associated with the group. This means that everyone in the group should have equal access to assistance from the technicians. It is particularly important that young researchers are included when the technical resources are allocated. It should not be the case that the technicians are reserved for the established professors in the groups. Finally, it is important that the technicians’ skills and wishes are taken into account in the allocation of resources.

Besides, I will remind you that K2 has set aside funds for competence building among technicians. It can be applied for funding at any time. Support from the department assumes that the research group contributes with the same amount as it is applied for. Last year, not all the deposited funds were spent.


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