Daily Archives: Friday March 3rd, 2017

New Art faculty at UiB

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29University of Bergen got a new faculty on January 1st 2017 . The offcial name is Faculty of arts, music and design. It consist of the former Bergen National Academy of the Arts and the Greig Academy. The main purpose of the new faculty is education, artistic development, research and dissemination of art, music and design.

It’s just appointed a faculty director of the new faculty. It’s a person we here at K2 know well. Check who it is here.

Why does the the new faculty affect us at K2? For several reasons. Firstly because music and art has the potential to be used as a part of patient care, or to improve patients’ quality of life. Secondly, because art and design can be used to enhance both research applications and articles. Whether it concerns an application or a publication wishes to sell a message, and the phrase ”a picture tells a thousand words” is still valid. Thirdly, by working with people who are good in the audiovisual expression, we can better dissemination which is one of our main tasks, whether it involves the disclosure of our business in general or procurement of an application. Finally, we must be immodest enough to say maybe we can add something to the new faculty.

There is an increasing requirement to provide funds from externally. To do that, we need to think outside the box. One way is to seek cooperation with the people at the new Facutly of Arts from the points mentioned above.