Daily Archives: Friday March 24th, 2017


Ultrafiolett EysteinInnovation was one of the topics discussed at the spring’s strategy meeting. In collaboration with the The Department of Biomedicine, we follow up on the matter with a joint seminar on Innovation and biotechnology. May 11th, Professor Ulf Landgren from Uppsala University will hold two seminars on “Innovation and biotechnology” and “Molecular tools for high performance analyzes of proteins and nucleic acids”, the latter is held as a BBB-seminar. It also gives the opportunity to speak with Landgren in smaller groups.

Ulf Landgren delivers a number of inventions that are commercialized successfully, including Padlock method for amplification of DNA and “proximity ligation” that provides ultra-sensitive detection of molecules. The latter method led to the creation of the company OLink (www.olink.com).

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