More funds available

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29We’ve already had one round of allocation of funding (Smådriftsmidler) this year, but there is still money left. Therefore, there will be a second round of allocations. The same criteria apply also this time.

Criteria and requirements

  • The leader of the research group must apply, and the purpose must be discussed and prioritized within the research group.
  • It must be documented that the group has applied for other external research funding in 2016.
  • Appropriations shall be annual and used during the budget year. The funds are not transferable to the next year.
Funding will be allocated to research groups that do not have large appropriations already.
  • The research group must document how the funds will be used.

A research project can receive up to 150,000 NOK per year. Researchers who have been awarded this amount in the recently completed round, cannot apply for more, while researchers with less funding, can apply again. Although an applicant in the same research group has received money, it is an opportunity for another within the same group to apply, but the same project can get maximum 150,000 NOK.

Application form are available here.
Send the application to Siv Eggereide.

The deadline is 1 April (and that’s not a joke!).

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