Lecture – Bass Hassan

Below the title of the two speeches as Professor Bass Hassan – a leading oncologist and researcher at Lincoln College and Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. Place: Stort Auditorium, Sentralblokken, HUS June 1st 11.30 AM (1) and 1:00 PM (2).

The first lecture is particularly interesting for biologists and basic researchers and clinicians interested in translational cancer Research.

The second lecture is more geared toward physicians / clinicians and discusses the role that genomics can play in oncology subject.

The lectures are planned directly transferred to the Norwegian Radium Hospital and Stavanger University Hospital.

  1. Kl. 11.45 AM “Evolution and translation of the IGF2:IGF2R interaction”
    Focused on Bass Hassan’s main laboratory work: the evolution of the protein interaction between the products of two imprinted genes, genes that are also deregulated in cancer.
  2. Kl. 1:00 PM “Oncology in rare cancers, what we do and don’t know”
    A general update on oncology in rare cancers such as sarcoma which will include where genomics might and might not have impact.  Aspects of GIST as well as bone and soft tissue oncology will be presented, and discussion encouraged.


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