K1/K2 seminarseries 2016

We wish to invite you all to the next K1/K2 Seminar in 2016. Wednesday June 1!

Arnt-Ove Hovden, PhD, MSc, Medical Manager Respiratory, Boehringer Ingelheim Norway KS

A PhD completed –so what now? As an alumni of Gades institute (now a part of K2), I will talk about what to expect after graduating and for many -leaving the safe haven of academia. I will focus on the experiences that I have had after changing career path, first into the biotech sector and later into the pharmaceutical industry at Boehringer Ingelheim. As my current role is Medical Manager for a lung disease (Idiopathic lung fibrosis), I will also discuss that as to how a background from for instance the K2 institute, might be very valuable for the industry and how that has enabled me to work with a novel drug targeting FGFR, PDGF and VEGF. The main focus of my talk will, however, be the transferable skills that you develop during your studies and how that will serve you well in the rest of your professional career. Questions are encouraged, with the aim of broaden your horizons and perhaps give rise to new ideas of how to plan for the time to come!

Time: Onsdag , 1 juni, 14.15-15.00
Place: Stort Auditorium, 3 etasje, Sentralblokken
Chair: Silke Appel

Pizza is served between 14:05-14.15.
Everyone is welcome.

See attachment for abstract.

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