Ræder_portrettThe Department of Clinical Science is going to use the new strategic plan actively as emphasized in the editorial of Per last week. In one of the paragraphs on Recruitment Strategy (RIK1-T2), we wrote that:

Department of Clinical Science will stimulate group leaders to identify outstanding internal and external (foreign) candidates and submit names of potential candidates to the Department which will follow up these candidates with career counseling by the research advisor.

Aftergrowth is important for the Department. I encourage you all to let us know the names that may be relevant when the Department will plan future permanent academic positions. We wish to recruit outstanding candidates, whether they are located in Bergen or abroad. We have written merit-based criteria in addition to need-based criteria in the strategic plan. As merits we have emphasized high impact publications with high citation levels and key author roles, increasing trend in the publication quality and quantity, early achievement of a high h-index and demonstrated independence and ability to obtain external funding and teaching merits.


One thought on “Aftergrowth

  1. Eva Gerdts

    Hei, jeg blir provosert når det kun er publisering i high impact journals som nevnes som kriterium for gode kandidater til etterveksten. Det er behov for at skills og bakgrunn for undervisning også vektlegges, likeså formidling. Vi kan ikke ivareta medisinerutdanning hvis ikke det satses spesifikt på legeforskere. I mitt eget fagfelt har UiB 0,7 legeforskerårsverk ansatt. Det sier seg selv at forskning da blir en fritidssyssel. Det er heller ikke en atraktiv karrierevei for unge lovende rekrutter. Arbeidstid og arbeidsforhold er derfor også faktorer i temaet du tar opp. Vi kan ikke fortsette å basere oss bare på eksternfinansiering. Vi må ha interfinansiering av track.


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