Marie Curie Road-show – Mobilization for the Future

Marie Curie Actions LOGOThe Marie Curie mobilization (the road show) is now ready for launch and our plan is to reach as many people as we can during the mobilization period.

The plan is to visit all the faculties and possibly some individual groups and centres. This means that we will be dependent on faculty- and institute advisors to arrange contact with the various groups.

The target audience is NOT administrators, but scientists, research groups/group leaders, project managers, centres/centre leaders, young researchers and department/department heads etc.

In addition, information is posted on Employee pages/Researcher Support

We want to start the visiting round from week 10 and hope to finish by week 17.

We will need help to identify groups that we should meet and talk to. We need about an hour to bring out the necessary info and impact – We are therefore dependent on being invited to group meetings, technical meetings, forums etc.

Our goals are:

  • Identify potential groups that may be candidates for ITN applications
  • Identify groups or researchers who need post-docs
  • Individual young researchers who are interested in traveling out to expand their CV
  • Individual researchers who are interested in having postdoc etc.
  • And identify those meetings / forums where it is important that we are present in the further process.

Meeting schedule:

  • Week 10 – HF / MatNat
  • Week 11- Jus / MOF
  • Week 14 – SV / Psyk
  • Week 15 – Week 17 – Open (for groups, individual researchers, etc.)

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact
Emmanuel Babatunde (55 58 38 65) or Jeanette Helgesen (55 58 21 26)

Emmanuel and Jeanette


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