Daily Archives: Friday March 4th, 2016

Research applications

Per BakkeDrafts for the Jebsen applications have been assessed by an external committee and four of the applicants have been invited to submit full applications. These are Eva Gerdts, Per Eystein Lønning, Eystein Husebye and Bjørn Tore Gjertsen. Even if this is just the first hurdle to pass and no success is guaranteed I am pleased to note that all of them are researchers at K2.

In a previous editorial Eystein has described the K2-review process for those who have submitted drafts of NFR applications. The review process includes an open meeting at which the applicants will be given feedback on their draft from experienced researchers. I encourage also those of you who have not submitted a draft, to attend the meeting. It is highly possible that that you may pick up valuable advices as to how to write an application. This applies to whether you are a PhD, post doc or sit in a fixed position.



Call for proposals – Cooperation Agreement BKK/UiB

You will find the calls for proposals and the application forms as attatchments at the bottom of this post.

For research projects the announcement states that “The funds are intended to contribute to new knowledge about technological, natural science and social issues related to the development and utilization of renewable energy, energy restructuring and future-oriented infrastructure.” Continue reading