Welcome to the Dual Diagnosis Conference – ROP

Oslo, 10-11 May 2016
Which direction do we take and what does research tell us?
Secure your place at the annual meeting place for professional updates on ROP disorders, substance abuse and psychiatry.
This year’s conference is packed with relevant lectures, leading experts, prominent resources and strong user voices.

We give you a nuanced and varied content within user experience, evidence-based research, behavior, establishing care services and existing treatment options. The conference will provide understanding and insight into the challenges we face in caring for drug abuse patients and psychiatric patients. Strengthen your own expertise, share experiences and get inspiration for your work!

Here are some topics from the programme:

  • Heroin: More than health policy
  • What are mdma and psychedelics, and can it be used in treatment
  • How to work with animals in order to promote self-esteem and coping

This year’s host is Rita Nilsen, CEO of Retretten

Read more about the conference here.
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