Bergen Summer Research School 2016

Water, Climate and Society is the overarching theme for next summer’s Bergen Summer Research School, with Professor Terje Tvedt as scientific leader.

From June 13-24, 2016, some of the top international experts on water will gather in Bergen to create a multidisciplinary venue for exploring water as a global challenge.

Seven parallel three-day courses will span disciplines within within natural sciences, health disciplines, social sciences and the humanities:
1. Climate change and water
2. Modelling the complexities of water, climate and society
3. Poverty, climate change and water
4. River basins, power and law
5. The ocean, climate and society
6. Religion and water
7. Water and global health

In addition to these seven courses there will be a series of plenary sessions. We will also visit the waterscape of western Norway to see how people tamed the power of water, how it shaped society, and the effect climate change has on one of Norway’s biggest glaciers.

The annual multidisciplinary research school attracts PhD students and junior researchers from all over the world, working on some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Please visit our website to check out the different courses and to submit your online application.
Application deadline is March 1, 2016.

Kind regards,
Kjersti G. Berg
Scientific coordinator, BSRS 2016
University of Bergen
mob: +47 99 25 26 24

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