Daily Archives: Friday May 29th, 2015

Overhead – indirect costs (2)

Roland Jonsson

This is a continuation of the editorial from last week focusing on the new TDI-model (full costs model for all activities). The model consists of both indirect costs and Research Infra-structure Resources (RIR) implemented by UiB and which the institutes now build up their project budgets from.

It is nice that we have received written comments from enthusiastic scientists at our institute.  Two of these are now published as commentaries in this K2 news (after approval and wish by the scientists).   

We also want to emphasize that the TDI model is something presented by the The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) in close collaboration by the RCN, NTNU and all other universities in Norway.  The faculties have implemented this model for all project plannings from 01.01.2015.  So we have to live with this for the near future.  

It will be interesting to take part in the coming report from the project ”Forskningsbevilgninger og gavemidler”  Nr. 2014/02.  This report will hopefully soon be available and will certainly represent an overall policy and provide guidelines with basis in rules and regulations.