UiB celebrates Supreme Court 200 years

To celebrate the anniversary UiB invites all employees to book launches and a conference.

BOOK LAUNCH – Litteraturhuset Bergen:
June 4: “Dømmer i sidste Instans.”

LECTURE – The new University Aula in Bergen:
September 3: “Høgsterett og demokratiet i 200 år – konflikt eller samarbeid?”

BOOK LAUNCHES – Grand Hotel Terminus:
September 20: “Policy Making in an Independent Judiciary. The Norwegian
                         Supreme Court “and “Lovens speil – Høgsterett 200 years “

CONFERENCE – The new University Aula in Bergen:
21.-22. September: “Supreme Courts in Context”
                                 This conference will be the main event during the University of                                              Bergen’s commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Supreme                                      Court.
                                 Topics will include how the Supreme communicates with the                                                  community and the other branches of government, and with other                                        courts nationally and internationally.

Read the full program and register here.

MORE INFORMATION about all events: www.uib.no/hoyesterett




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