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From the HSE-Section: Exposure register

 UiB has a duty to keep a register of all employees and students who are, or could be, exposed to hazardous materials which may cause illness over time.  Based on a module from the material register “EcoOnline”, “EcoExposure” is a person register where one may register singular exposure as well as repeating exposure.  Information course in the exposure register will be arranged March 25 at HIB and March 26 in the BB-Building.  As many as possible are encouraged to participate, both technical staff, scientific staff, PhD-Candidates and students working in a lab.  Deadline for signing up is February 5.
Click here to sign up (in Norwegian):
Glove Safety Course in the BB-Building on February 18.  Click here for information and to sign up (in Norwegian):
We encourage everyone to keep checking the HSE-gateway.  This website is constantly updated with a lot of useful information: