Daily Archives: Thursday January 29th, 2015

New procedures for forgotten and expired passwords

As of Friday this week (January 30.), there will be some changes in procedures and rules for passwords to the UiB systems. The changes are made to simplify and facilitate self-service while still maintaining security.

 1) All users must still change their password regularly, at least every 13 months. You will get a warning by e-mail when the passwords is near its expiry date.

2) The rules for how passwords should be made, are simplified. Click here to read the new rules.The new rules are available on

3) If you should forget your password, or did not change it before expiry, you may now log in using ID-porten and set a new password. ID-porten is a common log in solution to public services in Norway. You may use MinID, Bank-ID or a few other means of identification. You will find this logon by going to Sebra and choosing “PASSWORD – Change password”.  Click here for a guide in how to use the new function (in Norwegian) 

 4) If you are not able to log on using ID-porten (this is true for some foreign citizens in particular), you may contact the SEBRA approver in your department, give your mobile number and have the approver order you a one-time log on code to be sent by SMS. A list of approvers can be found here:

5) After having changed your password, you will be asked to submit your mobile phone number. If you do this, you can order a one-time log on code yourself if you should happen to forget your password later. We therefore recommend that you submit your mobile number!

Any questions about these changes or about passwords and security in general, can be directed to the IT Department service desk BRITA on phone 55 58 47 00 or BRITA