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HSE corner: My Time is introduced at MED from 12.02.18

In order to improve the time registration at the University of Bergen, the University Management has decided that all technical and administrative staff at UiB should use My Time (“Min Tid”). This applies to both those with fixed and flexible working hours, and hourly paid. My Time will replace the flex time schedule, and for hourly paid, the system will replace the time lists.

More information can be found here. (Link only in Norwegian.)

Best regards,


Dear all

Thursday 7th December the safety representatives and head of administration will go through the physical work environment at BUS, Kvinneklinikken og Laboratoriebygget.

We kindly ask everyone to fill out and send in the forms to Julie (that fits you). If you have no remarks regarding your own workplace, please make a note of this in the forms. Deadline for sending the forms  in is Friday 10th November. Please get in touch if you have any questions. More information on the HSE round here:


Forms (only in Norwegian):


Laboratory, Clinic, Workshop

Personell room, Meeting room, Group room

HSE corner: Fire protection training in the autumn of 2017

All staff at UiB shall have completed fire protection training, both theory and practice, which is enacted in the Fire Act and the HSE Regulations.

A course runs over two hours – divided into one hour theory and one hour practical fire extinguishing.

There is a total enrolment from the department, and interested should contact Marius Alvheim in the expedition.

Read more about the fire protection training here. (Link in Norwegian.)

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HSE corner: Pension and insurance for foreign employees

It is easy to think that the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is “only” involved in what you will live off when you become a pensioner. In reality, it is involved in much more. The Fund is involved in what you will live off if you are injured or become ill, and it is about providing security for your family.

UiB arrange an information meeting about this and related issues for international researchers and other foreign employees.

Time: 2 October at. 16:30–19:30.
Location: Student Centre or Christies gate 12 (depending on the number of participants).

More information and link to a registration form can be found here.

HSE corner: Managing violence and threats | Introductory course

UoB has great awareness of the risk of violence and intimidation, and leaders at the university are responsible for ensuring that the working environment is fully in accordance with the  Guidelines for dealing with violence and threats. As part of this work, the Section for HSE and BHT offers the introduction course “Managing violence and threats”.

Time: Friday 8 December at. 09:00–12:00.
Location: C.G. Sundt’s house, meeting room A / B, Muséplassen 1.
Target audience: Leaders of all levels, as well as HSE delegates.


  • Increased understanding of what affects our safety.
  • Knowledge of how violence and threats can be prevented.
  • Be better able to handle potential violence and threat situations.
  • How to mitigate potential damage and learn from our experiences.

Application deadline: Friday 24 November 2017.

Registration. (Link in Norwegian.)

The course has limited number of places. Confirmed registration will be sent to the participants.

More information here. (Link in Norwegian.)

HSE corner: All positions must be announced externally

The new law on state employees came into force on 1 July and replaces the Old Civil Service Act (tjenestemannsloven). One of the changes is that we no longer can announce vacancies internally without a separate legal basis.

The positions posted in the internal market during this summer must therefore be converted to external announcements, and in future, all positions have to be announced externally.


HSE corner: Stop in the ventilation system

Dear all,

The hospital is performing maintenance on the ventilation system, hence the ventilation will be turned off at 17:00 on Thursday 24 August, in both the A-block (north) and B-block of the Laboratory Building. The work is expected to be completed at 20:00.

Any laboratory work dependent on ventilation cannot be performed during this period.

Questions can be directed to engineer Diana Espelid at HUS.

Best regards Julie

HSE corner: Empty the backup freezer in 1M before the holiday

Since we are now entering a period of absence from work and potentially warm weather, the backup freezer must be cleaned and emptied before going on holiday.

There are currently several (forgotten) samples in the freezer that are not on the list of content. We request that everyone take responsibility for a check of samples that have been left behind, and remind you that the use of the freezer must be agreed with Julie Stavnes.

HSE corner: Evaluation of the internal labor market at UoB

The arrangements in the internal labor market have been effective since 1 September 2016. According to the agreement with the labor unions, the scheme will now be evaluated to assess which measures will be continued. The survey contains questions related to internal information, simplified affiliation processes, and utilization of hospitalization schemes.

The survey can be found here. (Link in Norwegian.)

It takes about 10 minutes.

Deadline: 31 May.

HSE corner: E-learning course for laboratory staff



The HSE section has prepared a small e-learning course for laboratory staff. The course will be an alternative to the course “Laboratory Course for New Employees”, which we arrange annually, and is part of an e-learning project for employees.

The e-learning course is available to anyone who wishes to take the course, whether newly employed, employed for a long time or a student.



The course is now open for registration. There is no deadline for when the course must be completed.

Information and registration (link in Norwegian)

HSE corner: Basic course in first aid

A basic course in first aid is organized on Thursday 4 May.

Time: 08:30–11:30 a.m. or 12:30–15:30 p.m.
Location: Museplassen 1, meeting room A + B on the lower floor, entrance from Prof. Keysers gate
Target audience: all employees at UiB


Registration form

If the course is fully booked, you can put your name on a waiting list for later courses during the spring of 2017.

HSE corner: Bike to Work 2017

On 19 April starts this year’s Bike to Work-campaign. The aim is to get in better shape, but Bike to work is also a social initiative for employees. This year, the University of Bergen awards great prizes to both teams and individual participating employees. Details about these prizes are provided later. In addition, there are opportunities to win prizes in the national competition.

For more information: see here. (Link in Norwegian.)

HSE corner – digital sick leave certificate

3316958NAV is working to digitize the sick leave certificate, making it easier for everyone involved in a absence interact. The goal is to have a digital solution avaloable for all during 2017. Parts of the digital solution is already being used by many People on sick leave, but can not yet fully be used by employees at UiB.

Read more here (only in Norwegian)

HSE corner

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If you think this could be something for you, contact Ingvild Jonsvoll either by mail ( or phone 55973050.