The Department’s Day 2023

I would like to remind you about the Department’s day 290323. It is a merger of the previous strategy seminar and the Health, Environment and Security Day (HMS). We aim to be at Solstrand with accommodation every two years. We were there in 2022, and therefore this year the seminar is local. We will be at the Eitri innovation building. We think that will be inspiring and exciting.

The program includes an article on clinical trials by newly appointed Professor of pediatrics, Camilla Tøndel. Clinical trials will receive a much greater focus in healthcare companies in the future, and here the university can be an important player.

Professor Camilla Krakstad from the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics has recently had a research term at Harvard Medical School and will talk about how she proceeds when it comes to collaboration on large-scale genetics analyses, something that is relevant now with the restrictions of the GDPR.

An absolute highlight will be that Dean Per Bakke will come to talk about the new economic everyday life and what it means for the faculty and department.

Then we will hear about an exciting study on the effect of a metabolite on delirium and the risk of hip fracture in elderly patients by newly appointed Associate Professor of Geriatric Lasse Gil.

The day ends with a presentation from the IT department regarding IT security. This is a very important topic that we must take very seriously.

It is still possible to register for the seminar! We can also tempt you with lunch, coffee and probably something unhealthy, but definitely good, with the coffee 😉

Have a great weekend!

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