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Welcome to Teaching Day!

At K2, we take pride in providing excellent education. In order to maintain excellence in education, we need to continuously develop ourselves as teachers. A this year’s Teaching Day, we can learn from the best as the teaching group for geriatrics tell us about their award-winning educational development. We will also discuss how we can improve collaboration regarding teaching even further, as well as some recent and ongoing changes (Vestlandslegen, changes in MED5-MED6).

We wish to see as many as possible of you at the Teaching Day on Wednesday May 3rd at AHH (half-day from lunch). Meet up for lunch with good colleagues, inspirational talks and discussion about teaching and learning.

We will also announce the K2 Teaching Award – please send 7our nomination to mette.vesterhus@uib.no by Monday April 24th!

Velkommen til K1 og K2s Felles undervisningsdag onsdag 3. mai!

Sted: Auditoriet i AHH



12.00 Lunsj 15 min

12.15 Velkommen

12.15 Nyskapende undervisning v/Marit Stordal Bakken

12.45 Ferdighetssenteret: hva tilbyr vi og hvor går utviklingen? v/Bernt Aarli

13.00 Vestlandslegen v/Audun Vik-Mo

13.15 Pause 15 min

13.30 Erfaringer med samarbeid i undervisingsgruppe for gynekologi v/Ragnar Sande

13.45 Utvikling av faggruppe på tvers i ortopedi v/Trude Gundersen

14.05 Diskusjon: Hvordan kan vi samarbeide bedre om undervisning?

14.15 Pause 15 min

14.30 Endringer i MED5-MED6 v/Harald Wiker, Jon Hardie, Magnus Berle

15.15 Prisutdeling undervisningsprisene

15.30 Slutt

Transforming health and care systems

Have you heard about the “Transforming health and care systems” call regarding European research collaboration for the healthcare of the future?

The objectives of the call for proposals are quite broad, so that many activities can fit in:

  1. Providing the necessary knowledge to build the health care of the future.
  2. Supporting the implementation of innovative solutions on a larger scale.

The Research Council of Norway is announcing 2 000 000 euro to Norwegian researchers who want to participate in this European research collaboration. More information you can find here.

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships – Webinar

Are you looking for a postdoctoral period abroad? Or are you a foreign researcher planning your application for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF) at a Norwegian host institution? Or you may be  a potential supervisor for a MSCA postdoctoral fellow at your lab or institute?

26 April 09:30 – 11:30


Interested in innovation? Get up to NOK 500 000 and help to develop your idea

Good ideas occur everywhere at the University of Bergen, and with UiB idé students and researchers  can test and develop their innovation ideas. Students can get up to NOK 100 000, and researchers NOK 500 000. You will also get advice from professional advisers. The application deadline is April 30th. Read more about the program at uib.no/ide and join the UiB idé vors for students April 12. You can also apply for a maximum of NOK 25 000 through UiB tidleg idé, and applications can be filed anytime. For more information contact Yves.Aubert@uib.no