This week’s employee – Kjerstin Jakobsen

Can you tell us something about your daily tasks and work in general?

I am a senior technician and contact person at 5th floor in the Laboratory building.

At the 5th floor there are several research groups. I work for Broegelmann’s Research Laboratory (BRL), which is led by Roland Jonsson.

BRL´s main research fields are autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome, RA and psoriasis and schizophrenia. We work closely with hospital departments such as Rheumatology, Skin, ENT and Psychiatric clinic. From the departments, we receive patient samples that are processed and collected in a biobank for ongoing and future studies.

My job is to take care of the samples from the departments. I also contribute with laboratory analyses to many projects and help new master students and PhD fellows get started in the lab. In addition, I contribute to the immunology courses for medical students and other practical courses held at the 5th floor in the Laboratory building, place orders and look after the general operation of the laboratory.

I thrive at work and hope my contribution to the researchers will benefit the patients sometime.

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