This week’s employee – Øyvind Byrkjedal-Bendiksen

New this year is a weekly presentation of a colleague from K2. First out is Øyvind Byrkjedal-Bendiksen. He works in the administration as semester coordinator for the final semester of medical studies, also known as MED12.

– Can you tell us a little about your work? What are your specific tasks?

– I facilitate the planning and implementation for teaching, schedules and exams at the 12th semester. This includes help and comfort to teachers and students in need of help with UiB’s many computer systems. spend also spend a good portion of my time coordinating the final practical exam, OSCE. This is an exam that intendeds to test students’ practical skills one last time, before being authorized as doctors. Although the exam is just one day, it takes several months of planning to make it successful. Fortunately, this is not something I do alone. We have great people contributing from K2, other institutes and the Faculty.

– What do you enjoy working on at K2?

– I started at K2 just as we introduced new curriculum at MED12. Getting the opportunity to help build a whole new semester, almost from the ground up, has been both fun and challenging. In addition, we have a very good working environment in the administration. It is a very nice group of people to work with.


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