Educational refill for faculty staff – mini seminars from the Learning unit, fall 2019

The demands for educational competence for employees in the university sector are increasing. This is reflected in the revisions of current regulations  effectuated 01.09.2019 (Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts). The Faculty of medicine has with their Learning unit (“Enhet for læring”) established an academic community for medicine and health professions education.

As part of our services, the Learning unit offers open, monthly seminars called “Educational refill” targeting all faculty members. All meetings take place in the board room (“fakutetsstyrerommet”), 4th floor, Armauer Hansens building. Schedule with topics can be found here.

The first meeting takes place Monday 26. August from 08:15 am to 12:00, with a live streaming from the AMEE 2019-conference in Vienna. The morning’s theme is “Medical Work and Learning in Transition”. NB: registration  is necessary, as the unit will order breakfast for all attendees!

Participating in these seminars can be included in your future educational portfolio, as university-educational training.

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