Important information for those who have a UiB mobile phone: change of mobile telephone operator

When the Norwegian higher education sector changes mobile telephone operator from Telenor to Telia, all employees with mobile subscriptions paid by UiB have to change SIM card in their mobile phone.

New SIM cards are being sent to all departments and will be distributed to the individual users.

Telia will send you an SMS with the time for transfer of your subscription.
You will receive this about a week in advance. You must not use the Telia SIM card before the assigned time.

Please note:

  • Your Telenor subscription will stop working from the time of transfer.
  • As UiB no longer has any contract with Telenor, we are not able to make exceptions from the transfer.
  • Telia coverage of indoors areas at UiB’s campus will be complete at time of transfer.

To assist with the change of SIM card for users who may need it, the IT division and Telia will be available at the following locations:

If you have any questions – contact the IT service desk BRITA on:


Phone: 555 84700

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