The good conversation

All employees at K2 shall have the opportunity to conduct a so-called employee interview with their leader once a year. The UiB policy is that the employee interview is a part of targeted management and employee development. The talks should be annual, systematic, reciprocally prepared and linked to the strategic plans of the institute, faculty and university. It is recommended to use the UiB’s employee interview form to systematize the conversation.

At K2 the employee talks are organized so that I, as acting head of department, offer group leaders employee interviews. A time schedule will be sent out in order for you to book a time. Group leaders will provide their group members, both academic, technical and  administrative staff, the same. Implementation will be checked by K2’s administration and the central administration at UiB will also log our performance in this area. Employee interview forms can be retrieved from this link.

Good luck,

Eystein Husebye
Acting Head of Department

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