Welcome back from the vacation!

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday returning with the batteries reloaded.

At the time of writing, the students have already begun, and many K2 employees are fully occupied with teaching. It is often busy getting started after the holiday. Switching from a hopefully quiet vacation to a hectic university life takes some time. New students means some more work at the start. Research never rests. Although many have picked up email and delt with the most urgent, most have probably a lot of outstanding tasks that now need to be sorted out.

So most people do not start the autumn term with empty baskets. Nevertheless, there may be reason to look into the next six months with new eyes. The new study plan has meant that many have had to change the organization of teaching, but has the content been changed accordingly? Can it be improved and made easier and more accessible? The fall is time for scientific meetings with professional refills and interaction with other researchers. Can this opportunity be used to define new research questions and research projects so that you are better prepared when the deadlines for applying for research funding come next spring?

Autumn is a nice time with many new opportunities. Grab these. Good luck with a new term.


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