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“The Good Person of Szechwan”

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasIn continuation of citations from Brecht, with the following arguments:

– The University Headmaster has invited us all to attend this play.

– The good person: This week two prominent academics and social commentators left us: Per Fugelli and Frank Årebrot. Fugelli has formerly teached at UiB, and I still remember his speech to our freshman medical student group regarding egoism (pay claims) versus societal responsibilities (to promote patients’ and society’s best). Årebrot was an exceptional lecturer who really managed to create enthusiasm and interest for his subjects. They were proper role models! May they rest in peace.

– Szechwan: stated as a city in China. I do not find this on the map, but the region of Sichuan south-west of China, with the province capital Chengdu and it’s approximately 14 million inhabitants, may be the most appropriate analogy. This is really FAR away and definitely different from Norway and Bergen. What is the link to this editorial? INTERNATIONALIZATION. Bullet point number three on the Dean’s list of major commitments for the Medical Faculty.

Promoting cooperation across borders opens a larger potential “stock” of professionals to be attached to our Department. While scanning through the list of PhD students and Postdocs, I see many Asian and other non-Norwegian names. When receiving e-mail responses in English and the fact that we see the need (and value!) of publishing K2-nytt also in English, proves that many international employees are attached to (and hopefully attracted by) our Department. K2 will very much encourage their employees (as well as students) to work and cooperate abroad. I stayed half a year during my postdoc period in Hong Kong, a really exciting experience for the whole family! International schooling worked well, and my husband had a similar academic affiliation. Both educational and research cooperation were initiated and have been continued further on.

Many possibilities for international cooperation do exist; Horizon2020 (the EU research and innovation program) is but one. The University of Bergen hosts a kick-off seminar 31st of October (see separate announcement in this K2-nytt). The upcoming programs/work packages will be presented, including Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing. Do look out for interesting possibilities/subjects for your scientific environment!


HSE corner: Managing violence and threats | Introductory course

UoB has great awareness of the risk of violence and intimidation, and leaders at the university are responsible for ensuring that the working environment is fully in accordance with the  Guidelines for dealing with violence and threats. As part of this work, the Section for HSE and BHT offers the introduction course “Managing violence and threats”.

Time: Friday 8 December at. 09:00–12:00.
Location: C.G. Sundt’s house, meeting room A / B, Muséplassen 1.
Target audience: Leaders of all levels, as well as HSE delegates.


  • Increased understanding of what affects our safety.
  • Knowledge of how violence and threats can be prevented.
  • Be better able to handle potential violence and threat situations.
  • How to mitigate potential damage and learn from our experiences.

Application deadline: Friday 24 November 2017.

Registration. (Link in Norwegian.)

The course has limited number of places. Confirmed registration will be sent to the participants.

More information here. (Link in Norwegian.)

Important information regarding the Cycling World Championships (Week 38)

(Information only in Norwegian.)

Til samtlige enheter, institutt og fakulteter.

Intern og ekstern post fra Transport- og parkseksjonen (TPS)

Fra og med mandag 18. september til og med fredag 22. september vil det kun bli kjørt én (1) postrunde. I denne perioden vil posten bli levert på et tidligere tidspunkt enn vanlig. Postlevering til enhetene på Årstadvollen vil bli utført før kl. 08:00 grunnet stengte veier .

Eventuelle spørsmål om dette kan rettes til postansvarlig Knut-Egil Larsen:

Telefon kontor: 55 58 20 71
Mobil: 905 04 899
E-post: Knut-Egil.Larsen@uib.no


Campusbussen stenger ned hele uken fra og med mandag 18. september til og med fredag 22. september. Dette skyldes stengte veier til og fra Nygårdshøyden og Årstadvollen. Det betyr at siste runde FØR nedstenging blir fredag 15. september. Bussen går i normal rute igjen fra mandag 25. september.

Transport- og materiellseksjonen

De to gruppene på materiellsiden stenger også ned samme uke. Vi beholder en mann på vakt for å ta enkle monteringer på Nygårdshøyden og Marineholmen. Denne uken kan man altså IKKE påregne flyttinger eller oppdrag som krever to mann eller mer. Kun enkle monterings- og transportoppdrag vil bli gjennomført. Større oppdrag som krever mer enn to personer, må vente til etter 25. september.

Forsinkelser kan forekomme i alle ledd under VM, og post som blir levert fra eksterne leverandører til UiB, må påregne forsinkelser grunnet redusert framkommelighet.

Med vennlig hilsen

Sverre Pettersen
– leder i Transport- og parkseksjonen (TPS) –

Centre for Nutrition | Seminar series | Wednesday 27 September

Centre for Nutrition has the pleasure of inviting you to a new seminar in our series of seminars with lectures on nutrition by researchers from home and abroad. The series addresses key challenges in nutrition and health.

Time: Wednesday 27 September at. 14:30–15:30.
Place: Birkhaugsalen, Sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital.


”The decade of nutrition and global focus areas”
Ingunn Engebretsen, Centre for International Health

Moderator: Gülen Arslan Lied

There will be light refreshments. Welcome!

Biomedical Network invites to a meeting on the utilization of health data

Norway has good health records, but do we manage to exploit the potential that this represents?

The meeting will focus on challenges and opportunities around health data and seek solutions that can give researchers, medical companies and patients greater benefit from health data as a common resource. The meeting will be interesting for doctors in general practice, clinicians and pre-clinical, industrial players with more.

It aims to elucidate important questions about access and use of data, and the usefulness of the material gathered in public registers and biobanks. Therefore, important owners and managers of health data will attend the meeting.

Helse Bergen, the University of Bergen, LMI and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) arrange the meeting, and they want to help launch several valuable studies using unique health register data.

Time: 24 October 2017 at. 15:30–19:30
Location: Bikuben, Haukeland University Hospital.

Deadline for registration: 16 October.
There are limited places.

Program. (Link in Norwegian.)

New course in the CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies

Dear PhD students and postdocs,

We are happy to introduce a new course in the CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies (RSCS): CCBIO906 – Cancer Genomics.

It will take place 1–3 November 2017.

The course will provide broad understanding of aspects of cancer genome biology and its investigation by next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Methods for analyzing DNA variation and structure and RNA expression patterns will be covered, as well as nuclear and chromatin structure. Also, ethical, legal aspects, and hereditary predisposition will be taught.

This course is primarily intended for PhD candidates who are affiliated with the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), but is also open to other students, PhD candidates and students at the Medical Student Research Program.

Deadline for registration: 2 October.

More information here.

On behalf of the CCBIO Research School,

Solveig Lund Witsø

Oncology Forum | Young Researcher Price 2017

The Oncology Forum award each year a prize of NOK 50,000 to a young researcher. The prize is intended to stimulate younger scientists.

The candidate must be a cancer researcher who works with basic, clinical, epidemiological or translation research, and has provided high quality research work. The prize winner shall be less than 40 years old and as a rule have defended a doctoral thesis. The money should be used on research, equipment purchases or academic journey.

An application must contain a summary and assessment of the applicant’s best papers. A reference list, CV and recommendation from the departments leader should be attached (max two pages). The application and any questions may be sent by e-mail to the secretariat of Oncology Forum.

A decision is made by the board and will be published at the Oncology Forum’s annual meeting. This year’s winner is expected to hold a lecture at the conference in Oslo on 16–17 November 2017.

Application deadline: Monday 9 October 2017.

Kick-off for Horizon 2020 | Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges 2018–2020 | Work Programmes

The University of Bergen (UoB), in association with The Norwegian Research Council (NFR) invites all UoB research leaders and researchers to a kick-off and mobilization event towards the last calls of the Horizon2020 program – WP 2018 – 2020.

We will guide you through the do’s and do not’s of Horizon2020, and present research and innovation opportunities for all sectors and all thematic areas. In addition to presenting opportunities in Horizon2020, NFR will also relate the Norwegian research programmes to Horizon2020, and present the synergy between these and other funding mechanisms.

In addition to the thematic information sessions, we will be setting up 1:1 sessions between NCPs (National Contact Points, i.e. NFR experts on the various Horizon2020 work programmes) and researchers that already know which Horizon2020 topic they will apply for.

Please note that this is an open event, i.e., all R&D actors from the Bergen area will be invited.

To secure your NCP slot, please register your interest here, and you will be contacted by a team member from UoB Division of Research Administration (FA).

Time: 31 October at. 09:00–15:15.
Venue: Scandic Ørnen Bergen, Lars Hillesgate 18, Bergen.

More information, programme and registration.

Vibeke Kyrkjebø Irgan,
on behalf of the organizing committee

The Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2017 on Precision Medicine

Professor Eivind Hovig at Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo invites to The 6th Norwegian Cancer Symposium on Precision Medicine.

The meeting gathers leading national and international speakers in the
field of precision medicine, and the topics include the following:

  • Computational cancer genomics
  • Tumor immunology and the microenvironment
  • Single cell analysis for disease trajectories and liquid biopsies
  • Monitoring cancer genetics in body fluids
  • Translational and clinical genomics

Time: 4–6 December.
Venue: Scandic Holmenkollen Park, Oslo.

Program and registration.

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 23 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Johnny Laupsa-Borge.

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