Oncology Forum | Young Researcher Price 2017

The Oncology Forum award each year a prize of NOK 50,000 to a young researcher. The prize is intended to stimulate younger scientists.

The candidate must be a cancer researcher who works with basic, clinical, epidemiological or translation research, and has provided high quality research work. The prize winner shall be less than 40 years old and as a rule have defended a doctoral thesis. The money should be used on research, equipment purchases or academic journey.

An application must contain a summary and assessment of the applicant’s best papers. A reference list, CV and recommendation from the departments leader should be attached (max two pages). The application and any questions may be sent by e-mail to the secretariat of Oncology Forum.

A decision is made by the board and will be published at the Oncology Forum’s annual meeting. This year’s winner is expected to hold a lecture at the conference in Oslo on 16–17 November 2017.

Application deadline: Monday 9 October 2017.

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